Brought to you by GourmetPro, Market Shake offers curated and genuine content on the food and beverage industry’s latest trends, with a focus on the Japanese market. 

GourmetPro is a market entry consulting network based in Japan.

Our company GourmetPro is a one-stop-shop business consulting platform for the food and beverage market entry to APAC and from APAC. We combine more than 20 years of immersion and achievements in the Digital Innovation field and the Food and Beverage market in APAC. 

Our core team fully supports a carefully vetted and highly experienced consultant network to help companies find international partners, establish commercial relationships, and strategize their market entry. 

What is Market Shake?

Market Shake is our weekly email newsletter dedicated to emerging global trends in the food and beverage industry, focusing on the Japanese market. 

We sift through market data and filter out what’s meaningful to bring you clear, actionable insights. Our research team talks to consumers and goes into stores to find what’s working, what’s not, and what we can learn from current trends. 

Finally, Market Shake is about bringing industry professionals’ voices to the table, so you get to take a peek behind the scenes.  

How does Market Shake work?

Each month or so, our team takes on a specific topic.

  • The first week is an overview of the latest trends in the world and Japan. 

  • In our second week, we bring consumer intelligence. 

  • In the third week, we outline the competitive landscape and available products on the Japanese market. 

  • And our fourth week is a conversation with industry experts to give you a bit of juicy insider knowledge.

Because industry news can change fast, we’re flexible, too. Whenever relevant, we’ll expand our cycle to more weekly issues.

Why should you (definitely) become a market shaker?

Because we love what we do, and we bring you exciting industry insights every week!

Our goal is to inspire you with new ideas and give you insights that could benefit your business with curated, valuable, and genuine content. We work hard to bring you actionable insights with ground research. 

With our newsletter, you stay up-to-date with all the latest food and beverage industry trends, discover entirely new products, and learn more about how they enter new markets. You also take a peek at our network of advisors, consultants, and partners.

We will share some of our content on our social media channels, but there will also be extras exclusive to the newsletter subscribers.

Why it pays to become a Premium Subscriber

Market Shake gives you all the insights about emerging global trends in Japan’s F&B industry that you need to support your business decisions. All in an email you can read in less than 10 minutes per week.

A subscription to Market Shake premium gets you:

  • Full access to Market Shake’s weekly posts

  • Access to exclusive “Executive Summary” reports summarizing each Market Shake series - (launching soon)

  • Early access to exclusive F&B industry events organized by GourmetPro

As a premium reader, you can be sure you stay ahead of the competition, and clients. 

Premium Pricing

Monthly: $15.00

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Corporate Membership 

Join a growing number of organizations that subscribe to Market Shake’s corporate plan.

Our corporate memberships provide full access to Market Shake for unlimited readers for the price of 10 seats.

How to sign up for Corporate Membership

The person in charge of purchasing will need to:

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Food & Beverage Market Entry Experts in Japan
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Building the exclusive F&B consultant network in Japan that supports international businesses with an end-to-end market entry solutions from strategy to launch.
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Founder & CEO @ GourmetPro - Food & Beverage Experts