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Let's level up F&B industry news in Japan

Happy Tuesday Market Shakers. We want to share some important news with you. But first...

Thank you for reading Market Shake and welcome to new readers

You are the reason that we write Market Shake. We research need-to-know information about trends in Japan’s F&B industry so that we can provide you with inspiration and insights that could benefit your business. Our favourite moments are when we hear from our readers that something we wrote struck a chord. 

Since we started writing last year, we’ve published over 60 articles and built a loyal following of nearly 2,000 industry professionals curious about F&B trends in Japan. We never imagined our B2B newsletter would grow so quickly. But we believe that there’s much more that we can do to deliver on our mission of filling your inbox full of insights and inspiration.

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re adding a premium subscription option as part of a new phase of growth for Market Shake. Don’t worry, we will continue to create free content bursting with insights. Premium subscriptions give you the option to support our content if you want to while unlocking extra goodies. 

With added revenue from our subscribers, we can create more ambitious content that sees wider and goes in deeper into Japan’s F&B industry. Just a taste of some of the things we have planned includes Market Brew - the exclusive sub-section newsletter we are developing, live and online Market Shake events, fireside chats with the experts we interview, and deeper analysis in our publications.

Without our readers’ support, we never would have reached this milestone. In sharing this exciting news with you, we want to thank everyone who is interested in Market Shake. If you do want to support us and unlock our extra premium content, we’ve added some special limited-time offers for first-year discounts at the end of this email as a token of our gratitude to you. 

Before we introduce our free and premium subscriptions, we’ll remind you about why we write Market Shake and the value we aim to create.

What is Market Shake?

Market Shake is this newsletter dedicated to emerging global trends in the food and beverage industry, focusing on the Japanese market. 

The content is curated by our talented research team at GourmetPro, Japan’s premier network of food and beverage industry experts. 

Each month or so, our team takes on a hot topic.

The result is a satisfying blend of nutritional news and data, sweetened with indulgently exclusive insights. The input from GourmetPro’s network of F&B consultants specializing in Japan is the cherry on top of our Market Shake.

Why read Market Shake?

Our goal is to inspire you with new ideas and give you insights that could benefit your business with curated, valuable, and genuine content. We work hard to bring you actionable insights with ground research that aren’t available anywhere else.

With our newsletter, you stay up-to-date with all the latest food and beverage industry trends, discover entirely new products, and learn more about how they enter new markets. You also get the benefit of insights and expert hints from our network of experienced food and beverage industry consultants who help to season our content with extra insights.

Why we’re launching premium subscriptions

Writing and researching Market Shake is a lot of work. We invest time, effort and love to create our publication. But we want to do more. A lot more. 

The extra income will not only help us to continue crafting high-quality content. We want to use it to see wider and dive deeper into Japan’s food and beverage industry. This means more original-research driven content, like the Market Brew newsletter we’re developing. We’re planning other extras too, like regular community events with speakers from our publications and fireside chats with F&B industry pros. Last but not least, it will help us keep our PC lights on so we can continue to serve you.

What will I get as a premium subscriber?

Going forward, our weekly newsletters will feature free and premium content. When there is premium content, it will be at the bottom of the newsletter. Free subscribers will see a paywall on premium content. You unlock it by signing up for premium membership.

📚 All subscribers will continue to receive:

  • 4 monthly Market Shake emails

  • Monthly Market Brew emails (starting soon)

  • Access to Market Shake’s Community Network and events which are in development

🚀 Premium subscribers will unlock access to a suite of extra content:

  • Extra Market Shake content, including:

    • Lists of startups/ companies shaping innovative categories

    • Consumer interviews and survey analysis

    • Exclusive interviews with leading companies and startups

  • Full access to Market Brew emails

  • Exclusive fireside chats with the experts we interview, and more.

Special Launch Month Offer & Pricing

🍒 Our Premium plans will normally cost:

  • Monthly at $15

  • Annually at $150

To celebrate our launch month we’re offering 30% off an annual membership for current and new readers. We want to thank everyone who wants to support us. That’s why we’re giving you 30% off our annual membership for the first year. After discount, it works out at roughly $2.00 per week. To redeem the limited time offer click the link below:

This offer is valid until June 30th, 2022.

If you have colleagues who are interested in unlocking exclusive content about trends in Japan’s F&B industry too, then you don’t want to miss the offers below:

Bonus offer for organizations

Do you have colleagues who would find Market Shake’s content meaningful? Let us know by reply to the contact email at the bottom of this post. We’ll send you an organization-specific discount code for 30% off annual subscriptions for one year to share with your colleagues.

Corporate Memberships

Do you want to make Market Shaker’s out of your whole company? We also support corporate memberships. Just reach out for more information.

Student Memberships

For people in education who may not be in a position to pay for membership, we will provide free premium memberships for the duration of your studies. Contact us from your university email with proof of your student status we’ll send you a code. 

What if I don’t want to pay?

That’s fine and fair. We understand that not everyone has the commitment or ability to pay at this time, and we want to continue to serve and grow our overall audience. 

Free readers still have plenty to read and enjoy. We’re delighted if our free content is enough to keep you satisfied. It’s really important that we continue to serve our free readers with quality and enjoyable insights. If you ever feel like we’re not doing that then we want to hear from you.

On the fence about whether to sign up for premium content? 

Let us know by replying to this email and we’ll organize a free trial. It’s the least we can do for our Market Shakers.

Genuinely, thank you

It’s been immensely gratifying seeing Market Shake grow the way it has over the last year and a half, and we truly appreciate everyone who reads it, everyone who’s shared a newsletter with others, and everyone who reaches out to us. For everyone who has reached out to us in person, via email or on social media, it means the world when we hear that our work has connected with you.

Finally, if you have feedback, let us know. Reply to this email. We will reply to every single person who contacts us.

We hope you’ll subscribe, and I hope you’ll stick around.



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