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Why Investors Are Excited About Alt-Seafood

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Focussing On Food Tech In Japan

Craft Gin In Japan Is Taking Off

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Alt-Seafood Splash #5 - Azuma Foods Pioneer Plant-Based Sashimi in Japan

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Alt-Seafood Splash #3: Shelf Sweep

Alt-Seafood Splash #2: Consumers' Sound Bites

Alt-Seafood Splash #1: Japan vs. The World

Special Announcement About Market Shake

4 Ways to Reduce Food Waste in Japan's F&B Industry

Jani: A New Type of Plant-Based Product - Uplifting Upcycling #8

Making Upcycling Trendi - Uplifting Upcycling #7

Investing in Upcycling with The Future Food Fund - Uplifting Upcycling #6

ARANEA: The Next Generation of Upcycling - Uplifting Upcycling #5

Shelf Sweep: Uplifting Upcycling #4

Consumers' Sound Bites: Uplifting Upcycling #3

Japan's Food Waste Fix: Uplifting Upcycling #2

Fighting Global Food Waste: Uplifting Upcycling #1

Japan's Food Waste Problem

Market Shake Turns One Year Old 🥳

Irresistible Insects #8: Expert Insights with MUJI & MOG BUG

Irresistible Insects #7: Market Insight with Ÿnsect

Irresistible Insects #6: Interview with FUTURENAUT CEO

Irresistible Insects #5: Store Crawl

Irresistible Insects #4: Consumers' Sound Bites

Irresistible Insects #3: Hunting Insect-Based in Japan

Irresistible Insects #2: The Global Market

Irresistible Insects #1: Insect Applications